Life University Advancement Division

Our Mission
The mission of the Life University Advancement Division is to:

  1. build multilevel partnerships with all constituencies to deliver significant and meaningful resources and opportunity, and

  2. promote the Life Movement in ways that influence positive change in people’s lives and in societal values

Thus fulfilling Life’s mission and surpassing its vision.

Interpretation of Eight Core Proficiencies

Integrity and Citizenship
The University Advancement team will exhibit integrity in all its interactions and transactions with its internal (University) and external (professional, donor and alumni) constituents.  Our integrity will be defined not by us, but by our work and subsequent perception of our constituents.  We, therefore, will uphold confidentiality, trust, professionalism and stewardship.  The Advancement team will participate in internal programs as needed and, as the external face of the University, will represent the University appropriately in community activity.

Learning Theory/Critical Thinking 
The University Advancement team will gather information about constituent data and industry-related trends on an ongoing basis.  This information will provide staff with the knowledge to make important critical decisions for building constituent relationships; thus empowering the staff to develop these relationships to the optimum benefit of the University.

Belief Systems and Performance
The information received and empowerment obtained through Learning Theory and Critical Thinking is used to help the University Advancement team reach higher levels of performance and success. Rising performance will be measured through the degree of clear communication, positive attitude, continuous self- and team-evaluation and surpassing challenging, yet achievable goals. The measure of success will be achievement of effective team development; an expanding support base; lasting, positive relationships; surpassing goals and an ascending reputation of the University.

Communication and Relationship Theory/Skills 
The ability to communicate and the capacity for building relationships with others are critical factors in the success of the University Advancement team. By listening effectively and meaningfully the team can fully understand the true interests of the constituent, which in turn builds a deeper and more trusting relationship.

Contemporary Scientific Paradigms 
Through traditional and innovative forms of verbal and written communication, the University Advancement team will educate our constituents, donors and alumni about Life University’s philosophy on healthcare as it relates to vitalistic principles verses the mechanistic perspective.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship
The actions and accomplishments of the University Advancement team will serve as examples of leadership and entrepreneurship; a model for other University divisions and students. The team will serve as leaders by developing external relationships with constituents that have expertise in business leadership and entrepreneurshipThe team will demonstrate entrepreneurship by developing and implementing innovative programs that yield significant results in fundraising and alumni relations.

Philosophy of Human Existence and Health Care Policy
The University Advancement team will educate our constituents, donors and alumni about Life University’s philosophy on healthcare as it relates to vitalistic principles verses the mechanistic perspective. By promoting the principles of the Octagon, the team will secure funding to make the Octagon project a success. Advancing societal goodwill and positive human values through the promotion of Lasting Purpose to our constituents is a role of the University Advancement team. 

Integrative Change
The University Advancement team will embrace change in every aspect of its operation. Plans will be created in both annual and multi-year rolling formats to accommodate change that results in positive outcomes. This includes communication networks, technology, economic impact, and University priorities.



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