Department of Alumni Relations Privacy Policy

Alumni Data Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. As such, Life University’s Department of Alumni Relations maintains an official Privacy Policy to protect alumni from unauthorized access to personal information. The following policy and related procedures are intended to protect personal alumni data while providing alumni with appropriate control over the use, accuracy, and availability of their data.

Information Collected
The LIFE Department of Alumni Relations, in cooperation with LIFE’s Office of University Advancement, maintains a database of biographical information about University alumni and friends, including the following:

  • Name, address, telephone numbers and/or email address for both home and business
  • Degree(s) and date of degree(s) awarded by LIFE
  • School from which degree(s) was/were granted with major field of study
  • Gift/Pledge/Prospect data
  • Miscellaneous comments, awards, committee participation, etc.

Release of Information
LIFE will use alumni data only for LIFE alumni-oriented outreach, service, development, and engagement programs. Such programs include, for example, communications regarding alumni events, fundraising activities, building relationships, and offering online community services.

The University limits the release of information about alumni and does not share information for political purposes or with individuals or companies outside LIFE except under very limited circumstances. These groups and exceptions are listed below:

  • Alumni Groups, Student Groups, and Volunteers: Alumni clubs, student groups, regional representatives, class representatives and volunteers are important partners of Life University and play a vital role keeping alumni connected to LIFE. As a result, LIFE may provide such groups, based upon their presentation of the proposed use of data or the overall program, certain alumni data, consistent with privacy preferences expressed by alumni, provided that these organizations agree to adhere to the LIFE Department of Alumni Relations Privacy Policy.

  • Affinity Groups: The LIFE Alumni Association often seeks out Affinity Partners that will offer services and products to alumni at values that are not generally offered to the general public. These services include financial services (e.g. credit cards), insurance programs (e.g. auto), and various other programs. In these cases:
  1. The vendor must agree to use the information only for the purpose(s) approved by the University. The sale or transfer of the information by the vendor is strictly prohibited.

  2. If a project results in the publication of directories, all alumni, prior to publication, must be provided the opportunity to decide whether he or she wishes to be excluded.

The information shared with vendors is limited to data necessary to contact alumni for purposes of the offer. The information is, primarily, restricted to name, address, and phone number.

  • Donor Participation: Aggregated information, e.g. the percentage of alumni who donate to LIFE or the number of alumni who donate at certain levels, will be released for general reporting purposes, but an individual alumnus will not be identified in this information. For example, US News and World Report's annual report on top universities will receive this information in aggregated form.

  • Emergency Circumstances: LIFE may disclose your personal information if, in LIFE’s sole judgment, such disclosure is necessary to protect the health, safety or property of any person.

  • Law-related Disclosures:  LIFE may disclose your personal information as required by law in connection with judicial or administrative proceedings or if, in the sole discretion of the University, disclosure is necessary to protect the institution.

  • Printed and Online Directories: The University currently maintains an online alumni community, which includes an online alumni directory. Participation in this community is restricted exclusively to LIFE alumni who choose to register on the site. Additionally, a separate referral directory is available which will include business information for alumni and friends. This directory is accessible by the general public. All LIFE alumni have the right to opt out of these services in whole or in part, either directly through the site or by contacting the Department of Alumni Relations. Alumni also have the ability to manage the amount of information that is viewable in their directory listing.

Opportunity To "Opt Out"
If an alumnus prefers that the University does not share personal contact information with companies or organizations outside LIFE, he or she may opt out. That is, alumni may direct the University not to share this information by calling toll-free at 800-543-3203 or emailing Please note, choosing to opt out of this information sharing may limit an individual's opportunities to receive information that may benefit or be of interest to them.

Email Policy
When an alumnus subscribes to a particular mailing list or provides an email address for other purposes, his or her email address - as provided by the individual - is recorded. That address is used for directing future mailings via email. That address may also be used for general announcements. Please note: we do not sell your email information and will use it strictly for LIFE-related updates and information. To manage your email preferences, please click here. 

Liability Statement
Neither Life University nor the Life University Department of Alumni Relations shall be liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, or consequential losses or damage arising out of the use or misuse of this site or the content of any message sent by or to site users.

For any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any other Life University alumni policy or procedure, please contact us at 800-543-3203 or



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