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Do you have a passion to serve? The LUAA exists to represent and serve the alumni of Life University, to liaise between the University and its graduates, and to provide opportunities for alumni to experience a lifetime of Lasting Purpose.


LUAA Board of Directors
Nominations to the LUAA Board of Directors open every Spring, with two-year terms beginning on
July 1. The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Alumni Association, and works in partnership with the administration and Trustees of the University to implement policies and programs that widen and deepen alumni connection to the University, and to each other, and enrich the experience of current students at the University.

Click here to review the LUAA Bylaws.

LUAA Committees
Scholarship Committee - The Scholarship Committee works with Financial Aid to review and award the Alumni Association Scholarships to students enrolled at Life University. Scholarships are awarded to students in all Colleges of the University.

Graduation Committee - Members of the Graduation Committee represent the Alumni at graduations and events leading up to and following the ceremony. Help us welcome our newest Alumni Association members!

Alumni Career Support Committee - The central mission of the Alumni Career Support Committee is to enhance engagement with the valued alumni of Life University and provide them with pertinent, tailored resources that aid in their success and growth within their respective fields.

Student-Alumni Events Committee - This committee works with the University staff to hold regular events to inspire students and engage them with alumni in the field. Projects include the Student Engagement Dinner.



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