Life University Alumni Association (LUAA)

The Mission of the LUAA is to support the needs of the Alumni, Students, and University through mutually beneficial resources, programs, and connections with the Life University community.

The LUAA exists to represent and serve the Alumni of Life University, to liaise between the University and its graduates, and to provide opportunities for alumni to experience a lifetime of Lasting Purpose. The LUAA serves as an advisory council to the University and as a self-governed membership organization for the alumni of Life University.

Our vision is that the alumni of Life University will experience life-long, active connection with the University and with each other.

Graduates of Life University and former students who were enrolled for one or more quarters shall be considered to have membership in the LUAA. Membership is free.

Our Core Values

Vitalism: We support the University in its philosophy that all living systems are self-organizing, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organisms.

Lasting Purpose: We believe that a willingness to serve your community and your fellow man are just as important as academic pursuits. To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve out of a sense of abundance.

Eight Core Proficiencies: We are committed to advancing person integrity and providing a foundation for professional success, social contribution, and cultural change.

Wellness Portfolio: We serve a commitment to maximize human potential and peak performance.

Bylaws of the Life University Alumni Association

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