Dr. Chuck Ribley
Lasting Purpose Alumni and Event Center

Dr. Chuck Ribley, known to many as “River,” was one of 16 Life University (Life U) founders that essentially spoke Life U into existence during many walks on the sands of Ormond Beach, Florida. These 16 visionaries crafted their dream and transformed it into reality in 1974 when Life Chiropractic College was founded. Dr. Ribley served on the Life University Board of Trustees from the beginning, and soon after, Life U became the largest chiropractic college in the world. He has been deeply committed to the University by giving his time, talent and treasure over decades of service.

Named in his honor, the Dr. Chuck Ribley Lasting Purpose Alumni and Event Center will serve the Life U community by creating an environment that will:

  • Serve as a gathering and event space for students.
  • Build community through alumni fellowship and networking opportunities.
  • Create partnerships that allow Life U and its graduates to serve all communities.
  • Support continued education for Life U Alumni & Friends.
  • Ensure that Lasting Purpose is expressed and fostered with the Life U graduates and community.

Monthly pledge donation payments will process on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month, whichever is closest to the donation date.  

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