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Confused by all the different types of giving? Let this simple chart make life easier by comparing possible outcomes and types of assets. 




Your Gift

Gifts you make now


Make a quick and easy gift of cash.

Outright Gift of Cash - A donation by cash, check, or credit card to Life University

Make an immediate gift of insurance.

Gift of Insurance Policy - A paid-up policy you no longer need can be cashed in to benefit the university, establish an endowed fund, or assist a capital building project or other need. Your income tax deduction would be roughly equal to the surrender value of the policy.

Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate.

Real Estate Gift– A transfer of the ownership of property by deed to Life University.

Make a quick and easy gift of appreciated property.

Outright Gift of Appreciated Property – A gift of appreciated property, such as marketable securities, stock or tangible personal property, to Life University.

Gifts you make after your lifetime


Make a large gift at little or no cost to yourself.

Gift of Insurance Policy – Make a gift of life insurance without transferring policy ownership. For any life insurance policy you own, you can name Life University as beneficiary. Simply complete a form supplied by your insurer.

Avoid the twofold taxation on retirement plan assets.

Retirement Plan Gift – A gift of part or all of an IRA or retirement plan account upon death.

Defer a gift until after your lifetime.

Bequest in Will or Living Trust – A bequest is a gift or legacy left in your will or living trust, typically personal property or assets. A living trust is a revocable trust established by a grantor during his or her lifetime in which the grantor transfers some or all his or her property into the trust.


Gifts you make in partnership with us


Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets passing to heirs.

Charitable Lead Trust – A type of trust that pays income to Life University, typically for a set number of years. Then the trust remainder is payable to the grantor or his or her family.

Create a hedge against inflation over the long term.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust– A type of trust that pays one or more beneficiaries a variable income for life, then the balance to Life University.

Give your personal residence or farm, but continue to live there.

Retained Life Estate – A gift arrangement where a donor deeds his personal residence to Life University and retains the right to live there for life.


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