Drs. Amanda and Jeremy Hess: Helping Many Discover Chiropractic

Jeremy and AmandaJust a short 38-minute drive southeast on Interstate 75 will bring you from the Life University campus in Marietta, Georgia, to the booming, technology-driven Discover Chiropractic practice of Drs. Jeremy (’99) and Amanda (’03) Hess. Dr. Jeremy opened Chiropractic in 2000 in Stockbridge, Georgia, and was later joined in practice by his wife Amanda after she graduated in 2003. Today, their dynamic referral-based family practice has one of the largest chiropractic patient volumes in Georgia with approximately 1,000 patients being served per week.

Although they both attended LIFE, the chiropractic couple surprisingly did not meet while at school, but had a chance encounter while they were both working odd jobs in Buckhead – Jeremy as a valet and Amanda as a waitress. They were married in 2002 and from there were well on their way to exciting and promising careers as two influential chiropractors from Life University.

“We have always wanted to serve families in our community,” notes Dr. Amanda. Their referral-based family practice does just that and more, as they not only serve those in Stockbridge and Henry County, but also so many more in Georgia and even the United States with the amazing work they consistently do both in and out of their practice.

The close proximity of their practice to LIFE, and the tremendous success of it, have made Discover Chiropractic one of LIFE’s go-to Practice, Excellence, Art and Knowledge (PEAK) offices for its students. PEAK is designed to allow senior interns to complete their clinic requirements under the direction of an off-campus doctor. Every quarter, Drs. Jeremy and Amanda have between one and three PEAK students from LIFE come through their practice. This is just one of many ways the Hess’ give back to their alma mater.

Drs. Jeremy and Amanda are also instrumental in student recruitment and student mentorship, with their large-volume practice serving as one of the primary tools for spreading the word to their patients about why it is they are so passionate about their work and serving others to help them reach their innate potential within. “We have so many students and young people that come through our practice. Our patients see what we do and how we serve people, and they want to do that for themselves because everybody has this quality within themselves of wanting to help other people or serve a greater cause,” Dr. Amanda says. “So yes, we do send a lot of students to Life University by just doing what we do.”

The couple offers multiple student mentorship programs and presentations that provide a wide array of value to students at LIFE. One such program is their well-known AMPED (Advanced Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurial Development) program that not only serves students, but also new and veteran chiropractors in the field. It was founded out of a necessary frustration that Drs. Jeremy and Amanda felt from churning out the same answers over and over again when asked by students and fellow chiropractors about things such into a mentorship and mastermind program to get it out to people on a larger level.”

AMPED is a paid membership-based program that utilizes video training courses, virtual classrooms, teleconference calls, live events, unlimited emails, periodic check-in calls and more. “We utilize technology, such as Google Hang-outs, Facebook ticket groups and virtual classes,” Dr. Jeremy notes. “Everything is in a group format, allowing for collaborative discussions and feedback.” There are both doctor and student membership packages available, with the student package offered at a discount of just $97 per month with a valid student ID. There will be two free AMPED conferences, one April 17-19 in Breckenridge, Colorado, as well as one this Aug. 14-16 in Atlanta. All membership and conference details can be found online at ampednow.com.

In addition, the Hess’ have other student mentorship programs, one titled “Student Fuel” that is held once or twice a quarter at their Stockbridge practice where LIFE students can go and have questions answered regarding practices and preparation. “We have a fun time and love giving back to the students,” Dr. Jeremy says. “It gives them a bigger picture of what’s possible once they graduate.”

There is also the Launch Tour, which travels to chiropractic colleges and universities around the country encouraging students to become difference-makers in the profession and realize that they will soon be practicing chiropractors, too. The tour comes to LIFE’s campus usually two times each year.

Along with being standout chiropractors, student recruiters and student mentors, Drs. Amanda and Jeremy are also best-selling authors, co-authoring “Baby Designed by God,” published in November 2013, which was a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon.com for its category, and “Woman designed by God,” published last October, which also received highly acclaimed reviews.

“Both books question mainstream health care, medical protocols and the ‘sickcare’ industry,” Dr. Amanda explains. “They both come from a very vitalistic, chiropractic perspective. They cover topics from pregnancy and childbirth to nutrition, clean and healthy homes and protocols that women are dealing with, such as Pap smears, hysterectomies and annual pelvic exams. It basically offers an alternative to the medical sickcare model.

Currently, Dr. Jeremy is a member of the Life University Board of Visitors, while Dr. Amanda serves on the University’s Alumni Board — both are also President Circle members. They have an endowed scholarship that is awarded annually to a chiropractic student who writes an essay that they help judge as well, and they both have seen remarkable growth from the University since their time in school and are excited at what the future holds. “Dr. Guy has done a wonderful job at bringing key leaders on board and influential people around them, not just in Chiropractic, but in business, health care and the vitalistic movement. They’ve done a phenomenal job at laying the ground-work for the present, but also the future,” Dr. Jeremy explains. “The sign of any great leader is that when they leave, it’s better than when they arrived and that there is a plan for future growth. Life University is definitely doing that now, without a doubt, by growing the undergraduate pro-gram and diversifying the school. They are keeping a strong chiropractic program, but are also diversifying the school for growth and funding for the future.”

Dr. Amanda, being one of only a few who remained at LIFE during the revocation of accreditation from the Council on Chiropractic Education in June 2002 to see it retroactively restored in February 2003, is proud that she can take her two children to see where their mother and father went to school at such a beautiful campus and what she calls “the home of Chiropractic.” “From where the school was then to where it is now is night and day,” Dr. Amanda says. “It was very exciting for me to see that the school brought in leadership and people who were able to get out of that situation and move forward to the flourishing University it is now.”

Whether they realize it or not, it is because of groundbreaking chiropractors like Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess that help LIFE maintain its title as the world’s largest chiropractic college and leader of the vitalistic healthcare revolution.


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