Giving, Loving, Serving

Pam Stucky-LaGuardia, D.C. ('90) comes from a large chiropractic family, two of which are set to graduate from Life University in 2015, so it comes as no surprise that she and her husband and fellow LIFE graduate Jay LaGuardia, D.C. ('90), are proud capstone supporters of one of the newest markers on the University's campus, Generations. The Generations wall, unveiled during the 2014 Fall CE, stretches 90 feet in length and is located in front of the Learning Resources Center. It recognizes families with multiple generations of LIFE graduates or chiropractic families with at least one LIFE graduate.

"It seemed a natural fit to acknowledge our family legacy of 20 chiropractors, " Stucky-LaGuardia says when explaining why she, her husband and Drs. Steve and Cindy Mickelson's (Stucky-LaGuardia's brother and sister-in-law) support the Generations project. The Mickelsons graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1975, and they have chosen to support LIFE because of what it stands for. Stucky-LaGuardia adds, "It's important to give back to the establishment that gave you the initial tools necessary to be successful."

Stucky-LaGuardia's father, L. Joe Stucky, D.C., is the founder of Stucky Chiropractic Center, which has served the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, community for 55 years. Stucky-LaGuardia and her husband took full ownership of her father's practice in 1994 and continue to own and practice there today. Stucky-LaGuardia's parents were initial founders and supporters of both LIFE and Life Chiropractic College West up until their passing.

"Out family lives by my Dad's philosophy," Stucky-LaGuardia notes. "'When you take care of patients according to their needs, your needs will be met.' It is that simple. Success, from giving, loving and serving. This is how we were raised, an our family will continue to pass on this philosophy for generations to come."


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