LIFE Grad in Grand Rapids Gives Back Money and Time

KowalkeLife University alumnus Dr. Erik Kowalke (’11) gives back to LIFE both financially and by mentoring younger chiropractors at his practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kowalke graduated from LIFE’s D.C. program after earning his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University in 2005. “I’ve been an extension faculty member working with the PEAK program and a President’s Circle contributor for over a year now,” Kowalke says.

PEAK stands for Practice, Excellence, Art and Knowledge. The program is designed to allow senior interns to complete their clinical requirements under the direction of an off-campus doctor. Kowalke has supervised six interns from LIFE. “It’s rewarding to know that you’re helping future doctors gain real clinic experience and helping them prepare to open their own successful office in the near future,” he says.

All six of his interns have gone on to open their own practices all over the U.S. One practices in New Jersey, three in Michigan, one in Las Vegas and one in Georgia. The interns do everything a doctor would do. Kowalke trained them on how to educate patients on what Chiropractic is and how to communicate that effectively.

Kowalke is also a leader in AMPED — Advanced Membership Program for Entrepreneurial Development. The program helps future chiropractors become successful quickly after graduating. Participants grow hundreds of visits per week in just a couple months. “It’s not a coaching program,” Kowalke says. “It’s a mastermind of young, successful, committed chiropractors striving to keep Chiropractic founded on Chiropractic.”

The President’s Circle honors those whose financial contributions have supported the education of a new generation of chiropractors and advancing the profession. Kowalke says he looks forward to continuing to partner with LIFE to give back to the practice of Chiropractic. “Why I give to LIFE is because I’ve been blessed to be where I am at, and we need more successful chiropractors doing Chiropractic,” he says. “I know that LIFE stands for the principles the profession was founded on.”

In just under four years, his office has grown to receive 1,100 visitors per week, 40 percent of them pediatrics. His practice was recently voted the No. 1 pediatric chiropractor in Grand Rapids. 


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