The Trifecta of Giving

Jay PerniciaroYou are an alumnus of LIFE, class of 1991, and very involved with LIFE in different capacities. Share with us what made you want to get involved with your alma mater.

“Chiropractic is not what I do, it’s what I am. The philosophy instilled in me by Dr. Sid and others laid the foundation for me to help tens of thousands of people in rural communities in Louisiana. Without that foundation, and Lasting Purpose, there are a lot of people’s lives that would not be the same, many of which may have had to turn to drugs and surgery as their only alternative.  My passion for healing and the education I received at LIFE seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I think it’s very important that the next generation of potential doctors have opportunities that I may not have had, so this is our way of giving back to that generation. This is our way of giving back some of our good fortune because of what LIFE gave to me.”

What have you enjoyed most about your involvement with LIFE?

“Getting to know the administration and staff of LIFE and staying connected with them. I still marvel at the advances that the University is making and the quality of education for the current students. I’m very much looking forward to supporting LIFE’s efforts to bringing chiropractic to the rest of the world.”

You and your wife Wendy, have been most generous in giving back to LIFE through the President’s Circle, an endowed scholarship as well as through an estate gift. The trifecta of giving! What prompted your first gift? What is it about supporting your alma mater that brings you joy?

“The first gift I made was to the President’s Circle as a 1974 Founder. I had just met Dr. Riekeman and was completely impressed with his vision of the advancement of our school in the wake of the challenges he faced just to get it back to a functioning level. I wanted to contribute in some small way, to feel like I was a part of that effort.” 

What would you say to other’s that aren’t sure about giving back to LIFE?

“My advice to anyone who is on the fence is, jump off! This profession needs support even if you had questionable experiences with your education. The future of our profession is in as much our hands as alumni as it is in the hands of the graduates.”

If you would like to donate to LIFE and make sure chiropractic is available to future generations, please click here and make a difference TODAY! Or contact Erin Dancer, Director of Development at 770-426-2974 or



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