Unified with LIFE 

The Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association (UVCA) has a three year plan to see 60 percent of Virginians under chiropractic care by 2015. With an estimated eight million Virginians, Virginia needs more chiropractors in order to reach this goal. Life University and the UVCA have created a partnership that will help reach this goal by attracting new students, mentoring current students and encouraging many graduates to return to Virginia.

What can you do as a participant in the Unified with LIFE program?

  • Ask each and every one of your practice members if they have ever thought about coming a chiropractor
  • Provide materials in your office for prospective students
  • Host a Student Recruitment Event (SRE) in your community; LIFE will provide you with guidance (through the SRE DVD), materials and recruiter support as schedules allow
  • Be included in our database of referrals to mentor prospective students (we'll give prospective students your name and contact information)
  • Support UVCA's scholarships for students from Virginia attending LIFE

Why should you get involved?

You are already carrying out many of these recruitment activities in your office as you serve our profession every day. You know people who would make great chiropractors, who would serve our profession well and who would love to find a career as rewarding as yours. It's simple: you become Unified with LIFE because you love to help people and you love Chiropractic.

How do you take the next step?

BECOME A Unified with LIFE Doctor


Alumni Department:
Phone: 800-543-3203 or Alumni@LIFE.edu

LIFEforce Department
Phone: 678-331-4331 or LIFEforce@LIFE.edu

Donating to LIFE:
Phone: 800-543-3436 or Advancement@LIFE.edu