Lasting Purpose – To Give: Peter Holt

Lasting Purpose – To Do: Dr. Austin Cohen

Lasting Purpose – To Love: Dr. David Koch

Lasting Purpose – To Serve:  Dr. Anissa Jones

LIFEforce Award – Will Not Stop:  Drs. Lou and Laurie Briegel

LIFEforce Impact – Dr. Patrick Lowe

Young Alumnus – Dr. Nico Staples

Distinguished Alumnus – “Coach Max” – Anthony Maxwell

Philanthropy Award – Dr. Gary Stewart

Lifetime Giving Award – Dr. Joe and Sandy Lupo

Honorary University Advancement Team Award – Coach Omi Acosta

Chiropractors of the Year – Drs. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson and Kevin Jackson

Lifetime Achievement – Dr. River (Chuck) Ribley

The Sunshine LIFE Award – Sunshine (Ruth) Ribley



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