Celebrate Chiropractic Founder's Day during the entire month of September by supporting the advancement of Chiropractic through research. While the number of life changing Chiropractic success stories are numerous, the supporting scientific research has been limited. At Life University, the Dr. Sid E. Williams Center for Chiropractic Research (CCR) is committed to changing the healthcare conversation. Donate today to help us translate the Vitalistic principles of Chiropractic into the language of research.

Please consider a gift of $125 to celebrate 125 years of Chiropractic or possibly utilizing your full $300 allowance for charitable gifts in addition to the standard deduction resulting from the new CARES Act.

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Come back to campus, reconnect with old classmates and experience today's LIFE.

Reunions 2020: September 30-October. 4
Classes of: '80, ’85, ’90, ’95, ’00, ’05, ’10, ’15

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