-Announcing Maximized Living’s Scholarship Endowment to Life University in Memory of Dr. Charles Majors

BJ HardickDr. B.J. Hardick (’01) was raised in a chiropractic family, with both his father and uncle working as chiropractors from the time B.J. was a child. At the age of 14 in 1990, Hardick started working part-time at his father Dr. Cliff Hardick’s clinic in downtown London, Ontario, Canada; however, he initially had no intention of becoming a chiropractor himself.

“I started learning more about patients’ miraculous health transformations – seeing kids recover from things they were told would never be possible, and seeing people in their 90s get off their walkers – all of these things really made a lasting impression on my psyche.” It was seeing these things unfold first-hand that eventually had Hardick envisioning himself as a chiropractor.

Fast forward a few years to 1995, the 100-year anniversary of the chiropractic profession, and the 19-year-old Hardick was in attendance at the Chiropractic Centennial Celebration in Davenport, Iowa. Here, chiropractors and chiropractic colleges came together to celebrate the power of Chiropractic, and it was here that Life University made its first impression on a young B.J. Hardick.

“My Dad let me go check out the Parker alumni event, and then I checked out the Logan alumni event, from which he had graduated. They were both being held in little rooms with people gathered having coffee,” Hardick explains. “Then, Dad said ‘Let’s go check out the event that Dr. Sid is having for the LIFE graduates,’ so we went over there, and it was this massive party with a cake that was 6-feet tall, entertainment and overall, that expression of there being nothing bigger than LIFE.”

This awe-inspiring first impression was just the initial indicator to Hardick, and when coupled with the alignment of his family’s and personal philosophy with that of the University, he knew that he would end up at LIFE.

When Hardick came to school at LIFE in 1997, both LIFE and the city of Atlanta were experiencing peak enthusiasm and growth, with tremendous enrollment at the University and Atlanta just coming off hosting the 1996 Olympic Games. “When I was at LIFE, I felt that the University and the profession of Chiropractic was unstoppable,” remarks Hardick.

One of his greatest memories while a student was giving campus tours and showing prospective students what LIFE was all about. Hardick also notes that he already had a strong grasp from his childhood on the philosophy that was so prevalent at LIFE, but he truly appreciated the amount of technique instruction the University provided, which has since helped him in his practice.

“I still tell students today that what you desire from your education should be included in the price of tuition. You shouldn’t have to take technique courses when you leave school. And that’s why I’m such a strong advocate for LIFE because they include multiple techniques in their curriculum.”

After graduating from LIFE, Hardick went right into practice in a place most familiar, at his father’s clinic, Hardick Chiropractic Centre in London, Ontario, where he grew up. Hardick actually bought the practice from his father and retained him as an associate doctor – roles they maintain to this day.

And while Hardick is technically his father’s “boss” at the clinic, the inverse is true at Maximized Living, a chiropractic professional development organization that helps chiropractors deliver what they call The 5 EssentialsTM – maximized mind, maximized nerve supply, maximized quality nutrition, maximized oxygen and lean muscle, and minimized toxins – to their patients. Hardick’s father is Chairman of the Board of Maximized Living, while Hardick serves with him on the Board. Currently, they have more than 100 franchise locations and an additional 200 chiropractor partners with the organization.

“Our ultimate goal is to see more people receive Chiropractic,” states Hardick on Maximized Living’s purpose. “We know that people who come to the chiropractor will hold their adjustments better if they don’t have toxins, are eating the way they should, if they’re fit and avoiding a lot of the modern-day diseases that many have.”

Maximized Living has now agreed to endow a scholarship in memory of Dr. Charles Majors, a Maximized Living doctor, coach and mentor who unfortunately passed away after an astonishing battle with brain cancer in which he sought care using all holistic, non-medical interventions and gained an additional six years of life after his diagnosis.

“Somewhere between 20 and 30 Maximized Living doctors, as well as the corporate organization, raised $50,000 to donate to LIFE to establish a scholarship in Dr. Majors’ name. Additionally, our commitment has been to raise $25,000 a year for 12 years to reach $300,000, which should bankroll a student for a year. The scholarship would be structured to go to someone who stands for the same things for which Dr. Majors stood.”

Other details and requirements for the scholarship are made available on the following website

Hardick envisions the thriving relationship between Maximized Living and LIFE to only gain accelerated strength in the future. Personally, Hardick plans to continue his relationship with his alma mater and continue, as he puts it, “giving back to the source.”

“If we can see more chiropractors teaching the LIFE principle to patients around the world and see more people living the chiropractic lifestyle, the healthier our planet will be for our children and grandchildren,” says Hardick. “That’s just one reason why I’m personally committed to donating to LIFE.”


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