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How to Set Up a Personal Fundraising Page

Should individuals or clinics wish to set up their own giving page they can follow the following steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on the orange button that says Start Fundraising.

3. Enter personal information to Sign Up as a Fundraiser, including your first & last name, email, and password.

4. Click on Sign Up.

5. Enter Address information.

6. Go to Light Bulb icon in the lower right of the page. It says “Doing your own thing”. Click Start.

7. At Event Type dropdown, choose “an appeal for a charity.”

8. Enter “Founders Month of Giving for Chiropractic Research” in Event name field.

9. Choose your own unique fundraising page web address. Here is an example:

10. Choose your communication preferences (opt in or out) for future Life U. JustGiving opportunities.

11. Click on Create Your Page.

Once your Fundraising Page has been created, you can share your unique fundraising page web 
address via Facebook, Twitter, or Email, or simply copy/paste the URL in to text messages.

If you would like to make tweaks to your Page: Log into your account and click “Edit page” at the 
top right side of your Fundraising Page. Here you can make changes to your target/goal, 
Crowdfunding summary, bio, location, cover photo and story. Once you’re done click “Save and 

If you have any issues/questions, please email



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LIFEforce Department
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