• The Alumni Association DC Scholarship is awarded to a DC student in third quarter or above who demonstrates high academic achievement and need.

  • The Alumni Association GR Scholarship is awarded to a returning graduate student who demonstrates high academic achievement and need.

  • The Alumni Association UG Scholarship is awarded to an Undergraduate sophomore or higher who demonstrates high academic achievement and need.

  • The Dr. Robert H. Hatch Memorial Scholarship was established by Mrs. Marian Hatch in memory of her husband. Dr. Hatch was a professor of education at Atlanta University and while away on a sabbatical he took chiropractic courses at LIFE and met Dr. Sid. Dr. Hatch became a friend of LIFE and a supporter of chiropractic as well as a long time board member. This scholarship is awarded to a chiropractic student with preference given to a minority student with Georgia or Alabama family connections.

  • The Dr. Tom Klapp Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Dr. Klapp, serves as a long-standing tribute to his work for Chiropractic and Life University. Dr. Tom Klapp graduated from Life College of Chiropractic in 1979 and served as a long-time member of the Life University Board of Trustees. Dr. Klapp served the Ann Arbor, Michigan community for 40 years at his practice, First Choice Chiropractic. He was a three-time recipient of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors “Chiropractor of the Year” award, and the co-founder of One Chiropractic, an organization dedicated to promoting drugless Chiropractic. Dr. Klapp was a part of the very fiber of LIFE, having been an integral part of it – and it of him – for more than 40 years. His impact on Life University students, faculty, staff, and administration was immeasurable. 

  • The John Robert Lewis Scholarship for Social Justice & Leadership honors Mr. Lewis’s legacy as an American statesman and civil rights leader who served Georgia’s congressional 5th district in the US House of Representatives for 17 terms. As a life-long adherent to non-violence philosophies, Mr. Lewis will be remembered for his belief that in the fight for social justice and equality, we must be willing to get into “good trouble, necessary trouble.” This scholarship is open to a student of diverse background/interests with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

  • The Dr. Charles Majors Scholarship is in memory of Dr. Majors who dedicated his life to providing principled chiropractic care, mentoring other chiropractors and studying health and healing for the purpose of preventing and reversing disease through The Cancer Killers - The Cause of the Cure.  This scholarship is for a returning DC student, with preference given to a member in the Maximized Living Club. Student must demonstrate high academic achievement by cumulative GPA.

  • The John Wheeler Leadership & Service Scholarship is in memory of John Wheeler who oversaw the grounds of LIFE for over 20 years. He took pride in his work and embodied Lasting Purpose. As a symbol of gratitude for all John did and represented at LIFE, the LIFE community established a scholarship in his name, The John Wheeler Leadership & Service Scholarship. This scholarship is open to a DC, GR or UG student who exhibits leadership and service participation on or off campus and embodies Lasting Purpose.  The scholarship is open to new and returning students.

  • The Dr. Kerry White Scholarship "I Can, I Will" is in memory of Dr. White, Class of 2014. The Scholarship was established by her classmates in 2016 when she lost her battle with Melanoma. Kerry was diagnosed midway through her Chiropractic program at Life. Despite enduring extensive treatment, Kerry did not miss a single class and graduated on time with her class in December of 2014. Kerry's "I Can I Will" motto fully embodies a student deserving of this award; a positive, hardworking, passionate, dedicated, and devoted student ambitious about bringing chiropractic to their community. The scholarship is open to a returning DC student in 7th quarter or higher and a minimum 3.0 or higher GPA.



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