Life Athletics strives to instill the values of Lasting Purpose in student-athletes. We are passionate about using sport as a vehicle for education and providing student-athletes with opportunities for academic, social and athletic growth through a first class university experience. Learn more about how you can support us through the Running Eagles Club.

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Generations Wall

Life University Generations

The Generations Wall serves as a reflection of all the past and current families dedicated to Chiropractic and is a "beacon" to inspires other families to follow. The Generations Wall reminds us of the importance of passing our profession on from generation to generation, from family to family.

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President's Circle

The guiding principle of Lasting Purpose is: To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve - Out of a sense of abundance.

President's Circle contributors embody the spirit of this principle in their lives as they support Life University's academic initiatives as well as the advancement of Chiropractic throughout the world.

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