Generations at Life University

The Generations Wall recognizes past and present families dedicated to Chiropractic and is the beacon that inspires other families to follow.  

Beginning with the Palmers, the practice of Chiropractic has been, and continues to be, a tradition passed on from one family member to the next.  In fact, Chiropractic may have more generations of families practicing than any other health profession.

While some families in Chiropractic have been legendary leaders in our profession, other families quietly and successfully restore health in their patients day after day, year after year.  LIFE wishes to recognize families that exemplify the passage of the chiropractic torch down through their family members, generation to generation.

Why Should Your Family Participate
     4Recognize your family alongside those such as Palmer, Williams, Sigafoose and more.

     4Honor the first chiropractor alongside the newest and continue your family legacy.

     4 Support endowed Scholarships at LIFE through the funds raised from families joining the 
         Generations Wall.

If interested in honoring your family and becoming a part of this project, please complete the donation information section below. Click here to complete the plate form and email or mail to LIFE:

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