Donor Spotlight
LIFE is special because our alumni, friends, faculty and staff, students, and parents are so passionate about making the world a better place. They generously give back for many reasons, and the stories behind each gift reveal the gratitude and optimism that defines Life University.

B.J. Hardick

Commitment to the Chiropractic Lifestyle
Dr. B.J. Hardick '01 announces Maximized Living's Scholarship Endowment to Life University in Memory of Dr. Charles Majors.


Jay Perniciaro
The Trifecta of Giving

Dr. Jay Perniciaro '91 and his wife Wendy generously give back through the President's Circle, an endowed scholarship and through an estate gift.

Paying It Forward

Dr. Amanda Apfelblat '00 is a LIFE alumna dedicated to giving back - both to her alma mater and her community.

LIFE Grad Gives Back Money and Time

Dr. Erik Kowalke '11 gives back to LIFE both financially and by mentoring younger chiropractors in his practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Helping Many Discover Chiropractic

Drs. Jeremy '99 and Amanda '03 Hess offer multiple student mentorship programs and presentations that provide a wide array of value to students at LIFE.


Giving, Loving, Serving
Drs. Pam Stucky-LaGuardia '90 and Jay LaGuardia '90 are proud capstone supporters to The Generations Wall.


A LIFE of Giving

Dr. Sidney B. O'Gorman '83 established The Gift of Mirth Scholarship, which is dedicated in memory of Dave Auten, D.C. '83.


Making his Mark

Dr. Joe Esposito '96 and his sister Dr. Cristina Esposito '06 have partnered with LIFE to publish research using one of the largest chiropractic databases in history.


Show Your Legacy

Dr. Amie Bend '96 and Rich Giuli give to fund The Generations Wall.

Living Lasting Purpose

Dr. Joe '78 and Sandy Lupo pledged $300,000 for improvements to the lower rugby field, which will be named for their family as a result.



Young Alumnus Makes Giving Priority
Dr. Michael Carnes '06 made it a priority to give back to LIFE within a year into opening his individual practice.



Parents of LIFE Rugby Player Set Pace

Amy and Trevor Miller believe it is important for more parents of students at LIFE, regardless of whether they attended the University or not, to support their child's school.




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