Parents of LIFE Rugby Player Set Pace for All Parents

Zach Miller, a junior from Marietta, Ga., is an undergraduate student majoring in exercise science and a standout member of Life University's powerhouse rugby program. His father, Trevor Miller, had no affiliation with LIFE before his son enrolled, but he has now become one of the University's most generous parents. "Our family has always believed in holistic health and chiropractic care," says Miller. "I want to support LIFE and help others succeed."

Miller believes it is important for more parents of students at LIFE, regardless of whether they attended the University or not, to support their child's school. "They can support any academic or athletic program - don't look to see results today - think about supporting for the future, for others. My support and theirs are examples for their kids to support when they are able."

Miller's attitude toward giving has been passed on to him by his own family, as his mother still supports the college he attended. He knows how much his education has been worth in his own life, and it's important for him to continue the cycle of giving to the next generation.

"LIFE was the best place for Zach to go because of the quality of the rugby program and because the exercise science program fit with his career aspirations. I am glad to support the University that is helping him succeed."



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