A LIFE of Giving

Sidney B. O'Gorman, D.C. ('83), is a LIFE alumna and new scholarship donor who lives and practices locally in Atlanta at Cotton Exchange Chiropractic. She recently established The Gift of Mirth Scholarship, which is dedicated in memory of Dave Auten, D.C. ('83), who passed away unexpectedly in June 2012. "I believe that very special people are drawn to our profession," O'Gorman explains. "I want to support them in their journey by helping to ease their financial barriers."

During her time in practice, O'Gorman, like many other LIFE alumni, has realized just how fortunate she was to receive her education from the University. However, she is an ambassador for LIFE not only due to the skills she acquired during her time here, but also because of where she sees the University heading in the future. "LIFE attracts incredible people. They come in all ages and previous professions to learn how to be amazed by the magic of the human body," she says. "We learn how to help people love and care for their physical well-being."

O'Gorman truly believes that all LIFE alumni should give back to their school. "It's the cycle of life," she continues. "Life College was built on dreams and hard work, and Life University is a continuation of those dreams and hard work. We should all help."

Her example of service is one that is exemplified throughout her entire life, as her 30-plus years of being in practice serves as a daily reminder of the benefits that one can receive when they are the ones who give. "My service is my time and knowledge," O'Gorman says. "I am fortunate to have a job whereby the end of the day brings a feeling of having achieved a life of service."



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