Young Alumnus Makes Giving a Priority

Life University alumnus Michael Carnes, D.C.('06), was born into a chiropractic family in Long Island, N.Y., where he now has an individual practice called Corrective Chiropractic that he opened in march 2013. Despite being one of LIFE's younger alumnus not even a year into his individual practice, Carnes has made it a priority to give back to LIFE through the University's Realizing The Vision Capital Campaign. "I wanted to give out of my own heart because without Life University, I wouldn't be practicing at all or have received the education, technique and philosophy that I acquired there," explains Carnes.

Carnes is a firm believer in perfecting his technique, so he attends numerous seminars to further educate himself and see what is going on in the profession. It just so happened to be a seminar he attended at Parker University that helped affirm his commitment to giving back to LIFE. "I went to a seminar at Parker(University), and they had a luncheon for LIFE alumni at which Dr. Riekeman spoke. It really inspired me; he is a powerful speaker."

From that time on, Carnes has made a commitment to give back, even if it takes some sacrifices here and there. "I highly encourage young alumni to give back to LIFE," says Carnes."Without the University, we couldn't be where we are in our practices today. There are people and students in need, and by giving back, we are able to help the world that needs to be corrected from subluxation."


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