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Debbie Lancaster Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor a cherished member of the LIFE U family for approximately 25 years, Debbie Lancaster. Debbie loved the students and served as a mother away from home to many. It is a way to continue her legacy of looking after the students. The scholarship is awarded to new or returning LIFE U undergraduate psychology and/or business student with preference given to a parent.


Scholarships make it possible for deserving students to attend Life University and continue to be a source of need for the University. In fiscal year 2016, about 87% of students had federal loans. Only 8% of DC students, 17% of Graduate and 21% of Undergraduate students graduated without federal loans. For DC students registered July 1, 2016 to present, only 9.6% were awarded scholarships.  As such, alumni and friends of LIFE have the ability to turn the dream of a quality education into reality. We need you to make this happen today!  We believe that all human beings have the innate potential and the capacity to benefit others and therefore deserve the respect and educational opportunities that can help them achieve their highest potential. By investing in our students today, you can help set the trajectory for these individuals. Your gift will help develop the next generation of vitalistic visionaries!

Make a gift TODAY to help make a deserving student’s dream a reality!

“Generosity consists not of the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed.” - Ghandi


  • Give to an existing scholarship. Donors can choose to give to a scholarship fund that hasn’t quite reached its goal yet. These scholarships can be either disbursable or endowed funds. We have selected two underfunded scholarships below that need your help.
  • Create your own scholarship. Donors can choose to establish one of two types of scholarship funds. Disbursable scholarships include a three-year commitment of $1,500.  Endowed scholarships require $25,000, can be paid over 5 years, and are set up in perpetuity. Donors of either type of fund can name the fund and choose the criteria used to select the student recipients.  Both types of scholarships are established to support students pursuing a particular degree, are from a particular geographic region, and/or have financial need.  Others reward those who have distinguished themselves through academic merit.

Featured Scholarships Needing Additional Funds: 

Rebecca RayRebecca Ray Scholarship - The Chiropractic profession lost a remarkable leader on August 18, 2016.  Dr. Rebecca Ray is being honored with “The Dr. Rebecca Ray Scholarship.” Dr. Rebecca served as a mentor and role model to many in chiropractic—especially women—and truly personified the values of lasting purpose and service to the profession. Dr. Ray graduated from Palmer in 1972. She was the first woman to serve as the Chairman of the Life University Board of Trustees—a position she held for 10 of the 20 years she served on the Life University Board. Make Your Gift Today! 

Please join us in helping to establish a scholarship in remembrance of Dr. Ray, a truly dedicated LIFE chiropractor. Life University will be matching dollar-for-dollar raised to help us reach the endowment level of $25,000 to establish this scholarship in perpetuity. If the scholarship does not reach the stated goal of $25,000 for an endowed scholarship, the funds will be disbursed annually in Dr. Ray’s name until the fund is depleted.  We need $11,650 to reach our endowed scholarship goal!

Kerry WhiteKerry White Scholarship - The Dr. Kerry White “I Can I Will” Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by her colleagues and friends in 2016 in memory of Dr. Kerry White, who lost her battle with melanoma in May of 2016. Kerry was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma midway through the chiropractic program in 2012. Despite enduring extensive treatment, Kerry did not miss a single class and graduated on time with her class in December of 2014. Kerry’s “I Can I Will” motto fully embodies a student deserving of this award; a positive, hardworking, passionate, dedicated and devoted student ambitious about bringing chiropractic to their community. Unfortunately, Kerry was not able to recover enough to go into practice like she had always dreamed. This fund serves to provide financial support to DC students so they can carry out the “I Can I Will” motto.  We need $2,900 to reach our disbursable scholarship goal!  Make Your Gift Today! 

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or contributing to an existing scholarship, please contact:

Erin Dancer, Director of Development

Gifts by Check
To make a gift by check, please send your check payable to Life University to the Development Office, where all charitable contributions to Life University are processed. You can use this mailing address:

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Life University
1269 Barclay Circle
Marietta, GA 30060

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