The Department of Alumni Relations communicates through emails and social media in an effort to keep our constiuents "in the  know" about new initiaves that LIFE U in involved.  Some examples include our annual homecoming event - Fall CElebration, the new campus in Italy and research. If you choose to opt-out, you will not recieve any emails.

To ensure you continue receiving eNewsletters, please add Alumni@LIFE.edu as an approved sender in your email filter system to elimate the chance of it going into your spam folder.



LET's Reunite! 

Due to current restrictions on social gatherings, there will be no reunion event this year for 2020.

Alumni Department:
Phone: 800-543-3203 or Alumni@LIFE.edu

LIFEforce Department
Phone:  678-331-4331 or LIFEforce@LIFE.edu

Donating to LIFE:
Phone: 800-543-3436 or Advancement@LIFE.edu


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