Adjusting Mannequin

Adjusting MannequinLife University is building the first adjusting mannequin. This physical model of the lumbar spine will be used for palpation and adjustment training. Adjusting mannequins are needed in technique training to a) spare students from over-adjustment injury, b) illustrate concepts of fixation and c) learn technique maneuvers for specific segmental fixations. 

The mannequin project has completed level 2.0 and is ready for the final phase. Currently, the construct is a plastic spine engulfed by a torso-figured foam unit.  The spine is a 3D printed CAD model with ball-and-socket incompressible disks and elastic bands and “O” rings used as tension elements. Segmental fixation is generated by tension of control bands. Both bilateral and unilateral fixations are able to be demonstrated.

The next phase includes the following goals: 1) attach a motor control for the tension bands, 2) apply coating and encasing to support increased testing, and 3) finalize exterior head and torso construct. The cost for this final phase is $130,000.

Tekscan I-scan system   $26,500
Hardware for servo motor system  $12,000
2 Years of half-time developer   $69,500
Additional Myomotion sensors    $12,000
Materials Cost   $10,000
TOTAL   $130,000

Once this two-year phase is completed, the mannequin will be used in LIFE’s Research Department to conduct studies on proper adjusting techniques relating to various subluxation conditions. 


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