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Leaving a legacy... is this something you'd like to do but haven't? What is a legacy? Sometimes a legacy is family based, ensuring that future generations are protected financially and have the resources to live comfortably. Sometimes the legacy is community based, focusing on supporting a long-term program, project or scholarship at one’s university, church or community agency. Often times, a person wants to provide a legacy to both family and community.

While a few people can provide for such support during their lifetime, many people can do so through their estate plans. Developing an estate plan involves important decisions and requires a keen focus and a commitment to “getting it done.” With constantly changing tax and estate planning laws, estate planning is no longer of concern only to high net worth families. A well thought-out plan helps you control your property and minimizes disputes.

Life University is inviting you to have a conversation about establishing an estate plan and including Life University in those plans. 

Who needs estate planning?

Estate planning is not just for high net worth families

  • Even simple estates need planning
  • No magic dollar figure

Estate planning allows you to control your property by:

  • Preserving assets if you die or become incapacitated
  • Providing care for loved ones in future generations
  • Spelling out your wishes clearly
  • Decreasing likelihood of family disputes

What are the goals of estate planning?

  • Provide for you during the balance of your life
  • Provide for the support and security of your spouse
  • Provide for the support and security of your children, minor and adult
  • Pay for education for children and future generations
  • Protects your property and business
  • Assure your assets are distributed as you wish
  • Minimize Taxes – federal, state, and gift
  • Minimize/avoid probate
  • Provide creditor protection
  • Charitable gift planning

What happens if you die without a will?

  • State statute controls – “intestate”
  • Higher costs of probate
  • Possibility of higher taxes
  • Estate settlement costs could take away portion of estate
  • You leave your surviving spouse, children and loved ones more vulnerable and with less assets

If you'd like to learn more or have questions about establishing an estate plan, please contact:

Erin Dancer, Director of Development


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