Technique Lab of the Future
Adjusting Mannequin

As a chiropractor, can you imagine what your student life would have been like if you had been able to study and learn with a human-like mannequin?

Wouldn’t you agree that this could have improved your learning experience and therefore your proficiency? Life University is in the process of building the first adjusting mannequin. This physical model of the lumbar spine will be used for palpation, adjustment training and research. Adjusting mannequins are needed in technique training to a) spare students from over-adjustment injury, b) illustrate concepts of subluxation and c) learn technique maneuvers for specific segmental fixations. 

Students can be taught to reproduce the magnitude and speed of thrusts similar to targets provided by their instructors.  Research projects that can be built around the system will help modernize technique instruction at LIFE U and demonstrate the effectiveness of electronic feedback for enhancing the motor skills required for safe, effective adjustments for patients. 

We invite you to make an investment in this groundbreaking project by making a financial contribution. You can be a part of leading innovative chiropractic research at Life University! See the back of this sheet for details on how you can contribute to the future of chiropractic.


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