Facebook Birthday Fundraiser


Here is a fun way you can support LIFE University --  create a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook! Birthday Fundraisers on Facebook are a great way to support organizations that you care about. Your Facebook friend community will contribute to show you love and support while helping a great organization.  Birthday Fundraisers may be set up on Facebook as early as one month before the date of your birthday (ex: June 2nd for a July 2nd birthday).  Setting up a fundraiser is a quick and simple process.

1. Go to your Facebook Account

2. Go to your 'Home' page and look on the left side column. You should see the 'Fundraiser' option under 'Create' at the bottom.  Click on 'Fundraiser' and Facebook will walk you through the process.

3.  Under "Who are you raising money for?", type in LIFE University and select it.

4. Set your fundraising goal and time-frame. Most birthday fundraiser goals are between $250-$500, but set what is best for you. You can always raise the amount if you hit your goal.

5. Invite people on your friends' list to donate and share updates often on your timeline.

6. Remember to thank your birthday supporters when they donate!




Alumni Department:
Phone: 800-543-3203 or Alumni@LIFE.edu

LIFEforce Department
Phone: 678-331-4331 or LIFEforce@LIFE.edu

Donating to LIFE:
Phone: 800-543-3436 or Advancement@LIFE.edu